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I am an engineer enthusiastic about data and efficiency in managing engineering.

I believe the journey of the construction industry into the future will happen gradually and in small steps at first until a breaking point is reached. I believe in the value of incremental improvement to the workflows in the industry.

I would like to see a future where equality and freedom is attainable by all. I believe in privacy, sharing of knowledge and continuous improvement.


I’ve been fortunate to work on exciting projects in challenging environments with a fairly even spread between industrial and infrastructure projects.

I enjoy technical challenges and learn a lot from working with diverse people.

I enjoy studying the iron triangle between cost, schedule and quality, where quality includes safety, sustainability and value.

Professional Experience

Currently working in the UK, providing innovative reinforcement solutions to the construction industry.

Previous experience in managing the data center construction business for a tech giant, industrial and infrastructure projects with EPC contractors in Sub-saharan Africa, internatiaonal trade, consulting for governments in Africa and as a certified interpreter.

Midland Steel (since '21), United Kingdom

Innovative solutions for reinforcement incorporating off site production, mechanical splicing with couplers, enabled with BIM.

Huawei ('18 – '21), Turkey

Construction and Contract management for Huawei Data Center facility projects in the CEE & Nordic European region, covering Central, Eastern Europe, Nordic European countries, Turkey, Russia and Africa. Worked on seismic isolation, ballistic protection, design of redundancy and modular designs.

VKS ('15 –'18), Nigeria

Construction and contract management for EPC contractor in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Renaissance ('13 – '15), Nigeria

Estimator in a commercial project, a hotel project in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Formet ('12 – '13), Nigeria

Building materials sales operations management for the ECOWAS market.

LASG ('10 – '12), Nigeria

Consultancy to the Lagos State Government Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation.


  • Master's degree in Construction Engineering and Management
  • MBA
  • Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering

Contact Me

Currently in London. Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn or simply send me an e-mail: abdullah at gula dot bi

Web Presence

I publish a blog oriented towards starting a dialouge with young Turkish professionals seeking insight into the realities of the working life.

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